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The Internet and the Copyright Law

*  This is not the Wild West

Some people seem think that the Internet is a lawless territory where they can make their own rules. On several occasions texts and pictures of our Web site were copied and published illegally - by regional firms who want to make money with the Internet but are too unimaginative or just too lazy to create their own Web pages.

*  Face the consequences

Breaking the German copyright law (Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhG) is not just unfair to authors and Web designers, it is also a criminal offence which can be punished by up to five years' imprisonment. Therefore, if anybody "pinches" anything from our Web site we will take legal proceedings. (Luckily, we don't depend on the peacemaker to enforce the law, nowadays.)

*  There is always the legal way

If you really find our Web pages so attractive that you would like to excerpt or copy any of them in any form we expect you to apply first (just send an E-mail). We can talk it over, but please don't copy anything without our explicit consent.

*  That goes for us, too

All Web pages of Moosburg Online and many of our pictures and graphics are labelled with the name of the author or the WebTeam. The graphical layout of the pages belongs to the WebTeam, too. If we wish to use texts and pictures created by others we always ask for their permission and then publish the source. Don't hesitate to contact us if we have erroneously overlooked anybody in this procedure.

*  Disclaimer

Moosburg Online refers to the disclaimer of www.disclaimer de.

*  How to get in touch

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