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Dragutin Djurkovic

Recently I found a picture of my grandfather and his two friends, and on the back of the picture is an adress in Serbia, and a stamp of Stalag VII A. POW no. 90008. Work kommando (labour detachment) no. 64 (location yet unknown):

On the left side is my grandfather, Dragutin Djurkovic. In the middle is his cousin, Velijamin Djurkovic. On the right side is their friend from a nearby village, Trajko. I'm not so sure about his surname, I think it's Lazovic.

My grandfather was there from 1941 to 1945. That's all that I know about him. He died much more before I was born, so I couldn't get any further information. The information that I know I heard from my mother. I hope someone can help me in my research.

Thank you again for helping me.

Darko Colovic
Novi Pazar, Serbia

Photo postcard
Photo postcard
Photo postcard
Photo postcard

* Source:

  • E-mails by Darko Colovic, Novi Pazar, Serbia, to Moosburg Online, January 2012

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