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* Moosburg Online: The Team Moosburg Online is a group of members of the citizens' network organization Bürgernetz Weihenstephan (imprint). We help members of the Moosburg area with their computer problems and invite them to support meetings and workshops to our team room. Furthermore, we try to create an interesting Moosburg Online website ( or So you are presently visiting our pages.
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  • Maybe there is something about them you like or something you can't stand at all?
  • Maybe you have some suggestions for us?
  • Maybe you think about contributing a little bit yourself?
  • Maybe you would like to become a member of the Bürgernetz and join our team?

Well then, why don't you come to one of our regular meetings in the Moosburg team room?

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* Our Team: Herbert Aichele
Bartholomäus Diewald
Markus Guehl
Margot Grünewald
Max Grünewald
Steffen Rey
Werner Schwarz
Achim Wagner (head)
Hermann Wolf
* Further Authors: Suzanne Bonnefond
Angelika Danner
Alexander Gfüllner
Dirk Groeneveld
Tatjana Jegorova
Joachim Kühl
Wolfgang Müller
Valentina Pavlova
Nadja Platonova
Bernd Redeker
Thorsten Röder
Gerhard Rümelin
Norbert Rümelin
Michael Strasser
Georg Strey
Erich Zach
Roland Zimmer
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