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Where is Moosburg a. d. Isar?

Germany (c. 11 kbytes) Moosburg lies in Bavaria, the southeast state of the Federal Republic of Germany - in the district of Upper Bavaria and the Landkreis (county) of Freising.

Bavaria's capital Munich is some 50 kilometres (30 miles) away and the river Isar connects both towns. To the north of Moosburg is the famous hop region Hallertau, to the east is Lower Bavaria with its capital Landshut.

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Moosburg region (c. 14 kbytes) It is easy to go to Moosburg by car as the federal road B11 and the motor-way A92 are close to the town.

Driving from the southeast - e.g. from Munich or Munich airport (MUC) - the best exits from the motorway are Freising Ost or Moosburg Süd. Exit Moosburg Nord is more convenient from the opposite direction (Landshut, Ratisbon, Passau).

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Moosburg town area (c. 50 kbytes) This map shows the Moosburg town area except the incorporated villages of Thonstetten, Niederambach, Murr, Aich and Pfrombach.

The red square leads you to the Moosburg town plan.

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Moosburg town plan
Map of Landkreise (counties) Freising and Erding

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