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Drawings by Wilhelm Giggenbach

Internment camp (c. 29 kbytes) Wilhelm Giggenbach was interned in the Moosburg camp from 1945 to 1947.

The water-colour is dated 1946 and shows the prisoners' barrack no. 19 and a wooden watch tower close to the barbed-wire fence in the east of the camp.

Barrack (c. 46 kbytes) A charcoal drawing of the interior of a barrack from 1945. The prisoners had to sleep on the ground until November 1945 when they were allowed to make their own bunks.

Pictures: © Heinrich Pflanz

Drawings by Erich Schuldt

Anfang Source:

  • Heinrich Pflanz: Das Internierungslager Moosburg 1945-1948. Landsberg 1992, 22002, cover ill., ill. p. 41.
    Book order: Heinrich Pflanz, Postfach 1546, 86885 Landsberg am Lech.

    Reproduction kindly permitted by © Heinrich Pflanz.

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