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Drawings by Erich Schuldt

Barbed-wire (c. 38 kbytes) Erich Schuldt was a prisoner of the internment camp.

His water-colour of 3 May 1945 gives a view through the south barbed-wired fence of the camp towards the town of Moosburg with its two church steeples.

Barrack (c. 46 kbytes) The interior of barrack no. 10 with the quarters of group no. 1. The wooden bunks were made by the prisoners themselves. The drawing is from June 1946.

Pictures: © Heinrich Pflanz

Drawings by Wilhelm Giggenbach

Anfang Source:

  • Heinrich Pflanz: Das Internierungslager Moosburg 1945-1948. Landsberg 1992, 22002, ill. p. 52f.
    Book order: Heinrich Pflanz, Postfach 1546, 86885 Landsberg am Lech.

    Reproduction kindly permitted by © Heinrich Pflanz.

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