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The multi-purpose building

Multi-purpose building (c. 41 kbytes) The multi-purpose building was built from 1995 to 1997 on the site of a former gymnasium and pumping station. As its name "Mehrzweckhalle" says, its serves many purposes. Maybe that is why the Moosburg town council was not able to think of a better name for it.


Multi-purpose building (c. 33 kbytes) Next to the multi-porpose building is the area of Viehmarktplatz, on which is also the Moosburg Maypole.

Pictures: © WebTeam Moosburg

Multi-purpose building (c. 42 kbytes) The interior of the multi-purpose building during the 1999 autumn fair (information stand of the Citizens' Net).

Pictures: © WebTeam Moosburg

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