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Get to know Moosburg in historical and contemporary pictures. You can either go directly to the different pages or join a virtual sightseeing tour.

Furthermore, you can browse our album of historical postcards and photographs.

The Website "Alt-Moosburg" by Karl A. Bauer offers photographs of Moosburg's history.

View 16th c.  Moosburg at the end of the 16th century
View 17th c. View 17th c.  Moosburg in the 17th century
Old town  Moosburg's old town from the air
Steeples Steeples  The steeples of St John's and St Castulus' Churches
Steeple view Steeple view  A view from St John's steeple
Portal Choir  Portal and choir of St Castulus' Minster
Interior  The interior of St Castulus' Minster
High altar High altar  Hans Leinberger's high altar in St Castulus' Minster
Stalls Stalls  The Gothic choir stalls in St Castulus' Minster
Arms Arms  The Moosburg arms of roses
Local museum Local museum  Moosburg's museum of local history
St. Michael's  St Michael's Church and cemetery
Town wall Landshut Gate  Moosburg's town wall and its former gates
Old town hall Town hall  Moosburg's town hall in the 18th century and today
Tithe barn  The tithe barn
Court house Court house  The court house and former castle
Asch Castle Asch Castle  Asch Castle
Herrnstraße Hölzlhaus  Historic houses in Herrnstraße
Library  Moosburg's public library
Auf dem Gries  Historic houses auf dem Gries
Water-tower  The water-tower
Nazi temples  The planned "temples of honour" of 1935
Stalag barracks  Barracks of the Moosburg POW camp Stalag VII A
Stalag cemetery  The POW cemetery and memorial
Stalag fountain Stalag fountain  The Stalag fountain in memory of the POW camp
Refugees' memorial  The memorial of refugees
St Pius'  St Pius' Church in the new town
Primary school Grammar school  Schools in Moosburg
Kolping house  The Kolping house
Municipal building  Moosburg's municipal building
Multi-purpose building  The multi-purpose building
Maypole Maypole  The Moosburg Maypole
Autumn fair Autumn fair  The Moosburg autumn fair
Indoor bath Open-air bath  Public baths
Ice-rink  The Moosburg ice-rink
Kippe  The airfield auf der Kippe
Thonstetten  St Valentine's Church in Thonstetten

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