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A view from St John's steeple

Steeple view (c. 47 kbytes) The pictures show views from the warder's room in St John's steeple from which the warder guarded the town and especially gave fire alarms until 1923.

On the southeast side of the market-place "auf dem Plan" was the ancient castle of the counts of Moosburg which burnt down in 1207. The site was afterwards occupied by four late Gothic gable houses built by the clerical chapter of St Castulus' Minster. The pink building was later used as a fire-station and is now Moosburg's public library. To right of it is the "Pöschlbräu" inn which formerly had its own brewery. The adjoining "Staudinger" brewery was pulled down a few years ago, too.

Steeple view (c. 28 kbytes) South of the steeple is the narrow square Stadtplatz with the Neo-Gothic town hall. In Münchener Straße leading further on towards Munich used to be two breweries: "Kirchammer" brewery is closed, "Setzbräu" brewery was pulled down in 1992. The silhoutte of the water-tower can be seen on the horizon.

Steeple view (c. 24 kbytes) The view to the east is partly blocked by the Romanesque steeple of St Castulus' Minster close by. In some distance behind the nave is the chemical plant Süd-Chemie.

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