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The steeples of St John's and St Castulus' Churches

Steeples (c. 42 kbytes) The steeples of St John's and St Castulus' in a view from the Moosburg Stadtplatz. St John's steeple on the left has a warder's room above the belfry and was used as the town's watch-tower until 1923. Its small turrets at the corners were copied by several village churches in the area. The bank building in front served as a revenue-office from 1802 to 1928.

Picture: © Town of Moosburg

Steeples (c. 34 kbytes) The steeples are decorated with blind arches in Gothic and Romanesque styles, respectively. The gables of St Castulus' steeple were only attached in the 19th century, following the example of Freising cathedral. The three-storey building next to the church used to be St Martin's Chapel until the secularization of 1803.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

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