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Moosburg's old town from the air

Moosburg (c. 90 kbytes)

An aerial view of Moosburg from the south-west from where Münchener Straße leads into the old town with its two churches. Left of the street are the "Alte Post" inn and the "Setzbräu" brewery which have been replaced by residential buildings since the photograph was taken. The high-rise building below right is an old people's home pulled down in 1997. The industrial zone above right is the chemical factory Süd-Chemie. North of it is the new town.

Old town (c. 45 kbytes) Moosburg's old town and its central market-place called "auf dem Plan" are still dominated by the two churches of St John the Baptist's and St Castulus'. Both buildings date back to Romanesque and late Gothic periods.

Below, a row of houses mark the course of Herrnstraße.

Pictures: © Town of Moosburg

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