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Moosburg in the 17th century

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The engraving by Matthäus Merian - the model of Moosburg Online's logo - was made in 1644 and published in the famous series of books called Topographia Germaniae (1642-88). It still follows the tradition of Hans Donauers fresco, but now the town of "Mospurg" is situated in a wide landscape, on a ridge separating the valleys of the rivers Isar and Amper. Due to this perspective the Isar river with its bridge seems to be very far from the town. Details of Merian's engraving - partly decribed in a legend - are shown in the following pictures.

View 17th century (c. 7 kbytes) St Michael's Church and its cemetary (E) are on the Breitenberg hill outside the town wall. From Landshut or Isar Gate (F) a narrow street leads to the south crossing the Mühlbach brook. Close by is the citizens' mill Burgermühle (H) with its water wheels.

View 17th century (c. 8 kbytes) The mighty castle of the former counts of Moosburg called Thurn (tower) Castle (C) dominates the old town within its walls. Nowadays, the site is occupied by the county courthouse. The medieval town hall (D) is depicted as a comparatively modest building. The tower on the right is probably the office building of the Bavarian government with its prison. In front of the town wall is the "Schlößl" inn next to the shooting-ground.

View 17th century (c. 7 kbytes) The two churches of St John's and St Castulus' form a counterbalance of Thurn Castle. St John's steeple can be identified by its typical turrets. St Castulus' steeple is still missing its Neo-Romanesque gables attached only in the 19 th century. The late Gothic choir towers above the Minster's nave.

In the town wall below, Länd (landing) Gate (G) leads to the landing-place for boats and rafts on the bank of the Isar river.

View 17th century (c. 6 kbytes) In the distance further to the north, the church of Wang and Isareck Castle can be recognized above the Amper river not far from its confluence with the Isar river. The castle was originally built by the Moosburg bricklayer Asmus Hälmayr for Duke Albrecht (Albert) V of Bavaria and is now owned by the counts of La Rosée. On the estate is the Isareck restaurant with its popular beer garden.

Pictures: © Peter Befelein - Webdesign Landshut - reproductions available

Literature: Ludwig Weh: "Älteste Bildzeugnisse der Stadt Moosburg", in: Unser Moosburg 5, 1984, p. 17-28

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