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Moosburg at the end of the 16th century

Ansicht 16. Jh. (ca. 26 kB) A historical view of Moosburg with the Isar river in the foreground.

It shows, from left to right: St Michael's Church, the town-wall with its gates, the former castle of the counts of Moosburg (Thurn Castle), St John's and St Castulus' Churches, a raft on the river and the wooden Isar bridge.

The fresco forms part of Hans Donauer's views of the Duchy of Bavaria in the Antiquarium of Munich's Residence. They were painted c. 1588-96.

View 16th century (c. 26 kbytes) The picture by Carl August Lebschée from 1871 is a copy of Hans Donauer's painting.

Picture: © Town of Moosburg

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