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Moosburg's town wall and its former gates

Town wall (c. 30 kbytes) Moosburg's medieval town wall was built built since 1403. Today, some reconstructed rests can be seen along Stadtgraben (this picture) and Krankenhausweg. The lost parts ran along Grabensepperlweg and Poststraße.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

Landshut Gate (ca. 27 kbytes) Landshut or Isar Gate shown is this old photograph was part of the town wall. In 1899 the medieval gate was sacrificed to traffic, just like Munich and Amper Gates before.

Picture: © Heimatverein Moosburg (society for local history)

Town gates (c. 28 kbytes) Nothing remains of the four town gates of Moosburg: Isar Gate, Munich Gate, Amper Gate and Landing Gate. At least their appearance is documented by signs on Moosburg's Maypole in Viehmarktplatz.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

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