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The tithe barn

Tithe barn (c. 40 kbytes) The tithe barn (Zehentstadel) was the place where the farmers collected the tenth of their crops they had to give as a tax to support the church.

The building with the hipped roof is restored but empty. There were plans to use it as a parish centre of the Lutheran Church, but the Moosburg citizens did not like this, and the church had no money, anyway.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

Tithe barn (c. 32 kbytes) The Moosburg hobby artists have regular exhibitions in the tithe barn. The photo is of the opening of the 1997 arts and crafts exhibition with First Mayor Anton Neumaier (3rd from left). The building is also used by other organizations for special events.

Picture: © Moosburg hobby artists

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