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Primary school (c. 30 kbytes) The south primary school (Grundschule Süd) in Münchener Straße was built as a boys school in 1933-4. This is the extension of 1991-2 by the architect Simon Scheidl.

Primary school (c. 45 kbytes) The new building of the school has a wall with painted tiles by the Moosburg artist Sigrid Hofer.

Realschule (c. 44 kbytes) The Staatliche Realschule has some 600 pupils and was built in 1957 as the first secondary school of its type in the county of Freising.

Grammar school (c. 32 kbytes) The grammar school Karl-Ritter-von-Frisch-Gymnasium ows its name to the Viennese zoologist Karl von Frisch who dicovered the body language of bees. The school was founded in 1974, but the architect Willi Schorr built the house only two years later. Today the school has about 800 pupils.

Grundschule Nord (ca. 35 kB) Just oppsosite the grammar school Grundschule Nord (north primary school) and Hauptschule (secondary school) were built in 1969. The primary school was extended by Simon Scheidl in 1999.

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