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Hans Leinberger's high altar in St Castulus' Minster

High altar (c. 44 kbytes) The late Gothic choir of St Castulus' Minster enshrines a masterpiece of the Landshut sculptor Hans Leinberger from the year 1514: the high altar with its high rising pinnacle decoration. The carved reliefs of the original wings are now on display on the walls of the choir. They depict the martyrdom of St Castulus, the patron saint of the church.

Picture: © Town of Moosburg

High altar (c. 32 kbytes) The statues in the shrine of the altar were originally visible only on holidays: Our Lady with the Child and the saints Castulus and Henry. Emperor Henry II had the Moosburg monastery converted into a clerical chapter. St Castulus' shrine can bee seen in the open predella behind the cross. The relics of the Roman martyr - he was Emperor Diocletian's chamberlain - came to Moosburg before 809, but most of them are in the possession of St Martin's Church in Landshut, now.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

Literature: Lothar Altmann: St. Kastulus Moosburg, Munich - Zurich 1983

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