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The interior of St Castulus' Minster

Inneres (ca. 33 kB) The picture shows the nave of the Minste facing east. In spite of the Baroque plaster and the modern wooden ceiling the architecture still gives a Romanesque impression. On the left is Peter Weiß' Neo-Gothic pulpit, on the right the crucifix by Hans Leinberger. The brightly lit late Gothic choir is the place of Leinberger's high altar. In front of the triumphal arch separating the nave from the choir are the two rows of the choir stalls.

Picture: postcard

Fresko (ca. 35 kB) During a restoration, frescoes from 1573 were discovered on the front of the late Gothic west gallery. The paintings in the style of Mannerism show the coats of arms of Bavaria and Moosburg and scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary, e.g. the Annunciation.

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

Literature: Lothar Altmann: St. Kastulus Moosburg, Munich - Zurich 1983

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