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The Stalag fountain in memory of the Moosburg POW camp

Stalag fountain (c. 35 kbytes) The Stalag fountain was erected in the new town as a memorial of the Moosburg prisoner of war camp called Stalag VII A. Its creator, the French sculptor Antoniucci Volti (1915-1989), was himself one of the Allied soldiers interned there in World War II. The reliefs were sculpted in a Moosburg stone-mason's wokshop during that time. A model and a different design of the memorial are on display in the Moosburg Heimatmuseum.

Pictures: © Town of Moosburg

Stalag fountain (c. 32 kbytes) The reliefs on the fountain represent the detained artist's home country as allegories of four of France's rivers. The river Garonne is a woman with a vine and a little Bacchus - allusions of the wine region Bordeaux.

Stalag fountain (c. 32 kbytes) The female Loire has a dove in her hand - the bird of Venus. A little Cupid aims his bow and arrow at her. The topic of love probably relates to the pleasure castles of the French kings on the river Loire.

Stalag fountain (c. 30 kbytes) The river Rhône is a nude man. Behind him, a boy takes a Provence bull by the horns.

Stalag fountain (c. 37 kbytes) The river Seine is personified as a woman. She is accompanied by a boy with a sailing ship - the city arms of Paris.

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