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The POW cemetery and memorial

POW cemetery (c. 49 kbytes) The cemetery of the POW camp Stalag VII A is situated south of Moosburg in Oberreit - close to the federal road B 11.

The numbers of POWs originally buried there are not quite clear: 819 (or 746) Russians, 43 (60) Yugoslavs, 41 (43) French, 31 British, 22 (23) Italians, 17 Polish, 15 Belorussians, 11 Americans, 3 (6) Romanians, 1 Czech, 1 Greek. The vast majority of soldiers who died in the camp were Soviet Russians. Moreover, hundreds of Russian soldiers were transported from Moosburg to the concentration camps of Dachau and Buchenwald and shot there.

POW memorial (c. 40 kbytes) In 1949 the POW cemetery was remodelled. Then and in 1958 when the site was closed the bodies were exhumed and transferred to other cemeteries (Bad Tölz, Schwabstadl near Landsberg, Munich). In the following time the site was used as farm land and even as a rubbish dump. Finally, the Town of Moosburg aquired the former cemetery and in 1982 added a memorial cross and a stone with a simple inscription:

(Town of)

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Literature: Das Kriegsgefangenenlager STALAG VII A Moosburg in Oberbayern, Moosburg 1995, p. 95, 103, 106f., 111

Further information in German: Gedenkstätte Oberreit (WebTeam Thonstetten)

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